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BOOM! Athletics

💥 Refocusing the brand from online readers to local members.

Boom! Athletics is a gym in Essex County, Massachusetts that provides personal and group training for people of all ages and fitness stages.

The mission? Redefine the Boom! Athletics brand, pivoting away from the information-heavy structure and shifting focus to the gym and it’s classes, coaches, and results.

Our approach needed to be comprehensive and cohesive. We reorganized the flow of information to guide to user toward signing up, while still promoting Boom! Athletics vast library of resources and maintaining its status as a leading resource in the online fitness space.


Before Redesign


After Redesign

🧭 New Strategy

This was not a face lift, this was open heart surgery on the Boom! Athletics brand. I met with Sean, owner and operator of Boom! Athletics for a 2 hour StoryBrand strategy session where we defined goals of his customers and his business.

I’m a big fan of the StoryBrand methodology, and that is what we used here to discovered insights which we used to build out the website and tell the BOOM! Athletics story.

We shifted away from Boom! Athletics as the hero who saves the day, and instead focused on the customer as the hero who is on a journey.

We position Boom! Athletics as the thoughtful guide who has has the knowledge, empathy, and experience to help the customer avoid common pitfalls, a a plan that can help them complete their journey.

The Hero

😎 The Customer

  • People who care about the way they look and feel

  • Have a fitness goal that they have not achieved

  • Want to better themselves by becoming healthier

 Who Has a Problem

  • External: They need to find a gym and a trainer

  • Internal: They feel that they need to become healthier

  • Philosophical: They should become the person they deserve to be

The Guide

🧙🏼‍♂️ Boom! Athletics

  • Friendly Expert Coaches

  • 10 Years of experience coaching

  • Focus on mental and physical health

📜 Who has a Plan

  1. Define your goals

  2. Discover your path

  3. Master the fundamentals

  4. Become the person you deserve to be

🗺️ StoryBrand Tactics

Our strategic approach manifests itself in 4 ways

  1. Prioritize testimonials to build social credit

  2. Simplify the decision making process to avoid choice paralysis

  3. Funnel traffic toward a “Getting Started” page that captures leads

  4. Focus on the results and process instead of “features”

📱 Built from the ground up for Mobile

Everything about this website started with mobile, from preliminary designs to the development process, emphasis was always placed on optimizing the mobile browsing experience.

Simple to update

All of the content on the site is editable by Boom! Athletics and their team, including images, pages, coach biographies, and programs.

Easily add/up staff photos & biographies
Easily add/up staff photos & biographies
Output of coach editor interface
Output of coach editor interface


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